Department of Voice Production and Training

Head: Krzysztof Szydzisz, professor


The Department of Voice Production and Training was created in 2004. It boasts many years of research into voice training methodologies (teaching voice training techniques) for speech and singing, resulting in proposing a unified system of vocal terminology. The Department has also been engaged in executing interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with specialists representing such disciplines as phoniatrics, speech therapy, speech acoustics, phonetics, anthropology, psychology, diction and speech delivery, etc. One of the objectives of the Department is to propagate the latest research findings on voice production and training through printed publications as well as through appropriate choirmaster and teacher education. The Department is also busy organizing conferences, workshops and training sessions, preparing and implementing speech correction programmes, training pre- and in-service teachers. One of the latest projects has been creating a national internet forum dedicated to voice production and voice training techniques.


The teaching staff of the Department:

  • Krzysztof Szydzisz, professor — Choir Conducting, Voice Production and Training
  • Elżbieta Wtorkowska, professor — Choir Conducting, Voice Production and Training
  • Joanna Żółkoś-Zagdańska, D.Mus.A., assistant professor — Vocal Jazz Music
  • Elżbieta Macierewicz, D.Mus.A., assistant lecturer — Voice Production and Training
  • Kamila Abrahamowicz-Szlempo, D.Mus.A., lecturer — Vocal Jazz Music
  • Wiesława Kończewska-Plac, 1st degree quailifications — Voice Production and Training