Faculty of Vocal Music and Drama

Dean: Małgorzata Grela, D.Mus.A., D.Litt., professor extraordinarius

Deputy Dean: Kamila Kułakowska, D.Mus.A., assistant professor

The Faculty of Vocal Music and Drama was established in 1980. It aims to professionally prepare young vocalists to apply for positions in opera theatres or pursue independent artistic careers.

The organizational structure of the Faculty consists of the following units:

  • Department of Vocal Music
  • Department of Vocal Chamber Music
  • Department of Acting and Stage Movement

The Faculty offers the following principal-study programme and specializations:

  • Vocal Music (full-time, 1st [B.Mus.-equivalent] and 2nd [M.Mus.-equivalent] degree studies)
    • specialization: Vocal Music and Drama
    • specialization: Oratorio and Art Song
  • Postgraduate Vocal Music Programme

The full-time B.Mus.-equivalent degree studies last 4 years, whereas the M.Mus.-equivalent degree ones – 2 years. The curriculum comprises specialization-related, core and general music education courses, such as solo singing, preparation of opera parts, oratorio-cantata ensemble practice, stage movement, introduction to acting, music history, vocal literature and vocal music history, musical work analysis, history of culture, history of philosophy, and foreign language learning. It is believed that such a curriculum ensures a comprehensive development of a young vocalist. Graduates are prepared to take up stage work independently as solists and/ or chamber singers. Additionally, after completing the Music Pedagogy Programme they are equipped to start their teaching careers on all levels of national music education.

The Postgraduate Vocal Music Programme is intended for young artists, graduates of both Polish and foreign higher education institutions, who wish to perfect their vocal skills.

The staff of the Faculty consists of highly-qualified teachers with outstanding artistic achievements. It is their passion and dedication for pedagogical work that alongside their rich professional experience bears the fruit of the students’ successes at national and international competitions of vocal music. The teaching-learning process is further enhanced with numerous concerts and other artistic events organized by the Academy, whereby the students gain crucial stage experience and, at the same time, derive personal satisfaction from their artistic work. The aim of individualizing the teaching process is also achieved by activating the students to participate in vocal music seminars, acting and dance workshops taught by renowned artists, academic conferences and various performances.

The Faculty has for many years been cooperating with the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall, where the students appear in annual carnival concerts, oratorios and in the concerts that feature outstanding graduates. An important part of student performing activity is also participating in opera performances shown to wider audiences on the stage of Opera Nova. For several years now the Bydgoszcz Opera Festival has been accompanied by the Youth Opera Forum – an event that besides promoting the students of the Academy also provides an opportunity for vocal students from other Polish and foreign academic centres. The many years of collaboration with the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Musical Society in Bydgoszcz have also resulted in offering the students a chance to appear in many concerts and performances organized under the Society’s auspices.