Department of Piano Chamber Music

Head: Bartłomiej Wezner, D.Mus.A., assistant professor

The Department of Piano Chamber Music was established with a view to preparing piano students for a better execution of piano chamber pieces in their many performing aspects. Unlike the Piano Department, where the primary focus is on solo performance, the Department of Piano Chamber Music stresses the importance of a pianist’s ability to cooperate with other vocal or instrumental musicians in duets, trios, quartets etc, but also in symphonic music and opera or ballet. The aim is also to teach young pianists how to work with opera singers (the so-called coaching) through learning about vocal literature – its stylistics and means of expression, but also by learning elements of acting and stage presentation. Besides guiding the pedagogical process thus described, the Department also organizes masterclasses, workshops and chamber music concerts.


Teaching Staff:

Joanna Czapińska-Wróblewska, D.Mus.A., D.Litt., assistant professor

Magdalena Swatowska, D.Mus.A., D.Litt., assistant professor

Bartłomiej Wezner, D.Mus.A., assistant professor

Radosław Kurek, D.Mus.A., assistant professor

Adam Kośmieja, D.Mus.A., assistant lecturer

Maria Kukier-Turkiewicz, M.Mus., lecturer

Anna Jurgawka, M.Mus., lecturer

Katarzyna Nowaczewska-Manthey, M.Mus., lecturer

Kaja Papierska, M.Mus., lecturer

Rafał Błaszczyk, M.Mus.

Marta Cyprys-Polek

Ewelina Dudzik