Department of Harpsichord, Organ and Early Music

Head: Urszula Bartkiewicz, professor ordinarius

The Department of Harpsichord, Organ and Early Music was established in 2012 as a result of upgrading the formerly operating unit under the same name (since 2006), though in fact the beginnings of the Department date back to 1998, when Prof. Urszula Bartkiewicz started her harpsichord class. The Department aims to further academic research and stimulate artistic activity in historically informed performance. Since 1999 the seminars and symposiums held at the Academy are attended by Polish and foreign specialists in early music performing techniques and practices (vocal and instrumental music, choreography) as well as musicologists whose research supports performers in their attempts to use authentic means of artistic expression.

The Department’s artistic and academic activities are intended for music professionals from Poland and abroad. The Department organizes, among other things, annual international symposiums in music methodology, two of which play a particularly important role in the development of music education: the Early Music Days at the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (of which the 11th edition was organized in 2013) and the Summer Courses in Early Music Methodology (held in Bydgoszcz until 2009, then at the Frédéric Chopin State Music School in Warsaw by the Bednarska Fund). Apart from the above-mentioned events, the Department organizes academic conferences, historical dance seminars conducted by Romana Agnel, and early music concerts. The academic activity has also resulted in several publications, e.g. Improwizacja w muzyce Baroku [English: Improvisation in the Baroque], Polska muzyka klawiszowa z Wydawnictw Józefa Elsnera (1803-1805) na klawesyn i fortepian [Polish Keyboard Music for Harpsichord and Piano in Jozef Elsner’s Publications (1803-1805)].

An important element in the activity of the Department is supervision of an educational experiment (conducted by the Section of Harpsichord, Organ and Early Music at the Frédéric Chopin State Music School in Warsaw) — implementing new specializations in Polish secondary music education: Lute, Baroque Violin and Cello, Viola da Gamba, Transverse Flute, Baroque Oboe, Historical Bassoon and Natural Horn. Together with the Warsaw Section The Department has also prepared the programme and rules of the 1st National Auditions for Secondary Music School Students in Historical Instrument Classes , organized by the Centre for Artistic Education at the Artur Rubinstein State Music School in Bydgoszcz (2012).

The Department offers full-time principal-study programmes in the following specializations: Transverse Flute, Baroque Violin, Lute, Harpsichord, and Organ (B.Mus.-equivalent degree studies) as well as Transverse Flute, Baroque Oboe, Natural Trumpet, Baroque Violin, Baroque Viola, Baroque Cello, Lute, Harpsichord, and Organ (M.Mus.-equivalent degree studies). Students may also further their education in all of the aforementioned specializations by doing the two-year Postgraduate Instrumental Music Programme or the Early Music Programme. In the academic year 2010/2011 the Student Early Music Orchestra Collegium Musicum Bydgostia was formed.

The teaching staff of the Department:



Urszula Bartkiewicz, full professor

Dorota Zimna, D.Mus.A.



Piotr Grajter, full professor
Radosław Marzec, full professor


Flet traverso

Michael Schmidt-Casdorff, M.Mus.


Baroque oboe

Frank de Bruine, M.Mus.


Natural trumpet

Michał Tyrański, M.Mus.


Baroque violin, baroque viola

Daniel Deuter, M.Mus.

Marcin Tarnawski, M.Mus.


Baroque cello

Markus Möllenbeck, M.Mus.


Viola da gamba, baroque double bass

Christian Zincke, M.Mus.



Anton Birula, M.Mus.


Basso continuo

Marek Przywarty, M.Mus.

Paweł Pawłowicz, M.Mus.