Piano Department

Head: Ewa Pobłocka

The Piano Department, created in 1980 and headed by Prof. Jerzy Sulikowski for 25 years, boasts a staff of some world-known pianists. The second prize winner at the 10th International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition, and the winner of a number of other piano competitions, such as those in Prague, Geneva or Brussels, Prof. Tatiana Shebanova, had her class in the Department in the years of 1988-2011. The celebrated pianist and distinguished professor of the Moscow Conservatoire, Mikhail Voskresensky, is a guest professor here. Dozens of students and graduates of the Department have attracted public acclaim at national and international competitions. Concert-wise, the Department collaborates with the Frédéric Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. It is also the organizer and co-organizer of such events as the International Ignacy Jan Paderewski Piano Competition in Bydgoszcz or the Paderewski Piano Academy summer courses held in the Ostromecko palace.

The teaching staff of the Department:

  • Piano

Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, full professor

Maria Murawska, full professor

Ewa Pobłocka, full professor

Wiesława Skrzypek-Ronowska, full professor

Jerzy Sulikowski, full professor

Jarosław Drzewiecki, full professor

Małgorzata Furche-Jurczyk, D.Mus.A., D.Litt.

Katarzyna Rajs, D.Mus.A., D.Litt.

Piotr Kępiński, D.Mus.A., D.Litt.

Anna Stempin-Jasnowska, D.Mus.A., D.Litt.

Mariusz Klimsiak, D.Mus.A.

Agata Nowakowska-Gumiela, D.Mus.A.

Stefan Wojtas, D.Mus.A.

Paweł Wakarecy, D.Mus.A.

Adam Kośmieja, D.Mus.A.

Michał Szymanowski, M.Mus.

  • Accordion

Jerzy Kaszuba, full professor

Stanisław Miłek, D.Mus.A.