Department of Theory of Music and Composition

Head: Zbigniew Bargielski, professor ordinarius


The Department of Theory of Music and Composition was established on 1st October 1987 to ensure a high quality pedagogical process that would result in educating superbly qualified graduates. The aim was also to supervise the artistic and academic development of young employees. The main activity of the Department revolves around discussing a variety of issues related to the principal-study programmes of Composition and Theory of Music, and to the research carried out by the staff, part of the research being two long-term projects: The Musical WorkIts Ontological and Epistemological Aspects (since 2004) and The Music and Musical Life of the Pomerania and Kujawy Region (since 1989). The projects are executed by organizing theme-based annual international and national symposiums attended by, apart from the staff of the Faculty, theorists of music, musicologists and those representing other related fields of interest from a number of academic centres in Poland and Europe (e.g. Toulouse, Berlin, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Kyev, Riga, Lviv, Odessa). The accompanying concerts have become an opportunity for the composers teaching at the Faculty to present their latest works, often as premieres. The staff of the Faculty also participate in various projects conducted by other research units in Poland and abroad, the result being publications in specialist journals, group works and monographs.


The teaching staff of the Department:

  • Zbigniew Bargielski, professor ordinarius — Composition
  • Danuta Dobrowolska-Marucha, professor — Theory of Music
  • Marek Jakubowski, PhD, D.Litt., professor — Philosophy
  • Anna Nowak, PhD, 2nd degree qualifications, professor extraordinarius — Theory of Music
  • Michał Zieliński, PhD, D.Litt., professor extraordinarius — Theory of Music
  • Violetta Przech, PhD, professor extraordinarius — Theory of Music
  • Bettina Skrzypczak, 1st degree qualifications, visiting professor — Composition
  • Dobromiła Jaskot, D.Mus.A., assistant professor — Composition
  • Aleksandra Kłaput-Wiśniewska, PhD, assistant professor — Theory of Music
  • Marcin Kopczyński, D.Mus.A., assistant professor — Composition
  • Elżbieta Szczurko, PhD, assistant professor — Theory of Music
  • Michał Dobrzyński, assistant lecturer — Composition
  • Łukasz Godyla, assistant lecturer — Composition
  • Marcin Gumiela, assistant lecturer — Composition
  • Barbara Mielcarek-Krzyżanowska, assistant lecturer — Theory of Music, Musicology
  • Marcin Simela, assistant lecturer — Theory of Music, Musicology
  • Aleksandra Brejza, 1st degree qualifications, senior lecturer — Composition
  • Witold Młóciński, senior lecturer — Theory of Music
  • Renato Przech, senior lecturer — Piano
  • Szymon Godziemba-Trytek, M.Mus., instructor — Composition
  • Zdzisław Pająk, M.Mus. – Jazz Music History
  • Maciej Zieliński, M.Mus. — Film and Theatre Music