Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music and Sound Engineering

Dean: Anna Nowak, PhD, 2nd degree qualifications, professor extraordinarius

Deputy Dean: Violetta Przech, PhD, professor extraordinarius


The Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music and Sound Engineering was established in 1980 to offer principal-study programmes in Composition and Theory of Music. Since 2006 the Faculty has also been offering Sound Engineering as its third principal-study programme.


The organizational structure of the Faculty consists of the following units:

  • Department of Theory of Music and Composition
    • Centre for the Musical Culture of the Pomerania and Kujawy Region and Folklore Studies
    • Sound Laboratory
  • Department of Sound Engineering


The Faculty offers the following principal-study programmes and specializations:

  • Composition and Theory of Music (full-time, 1st [BA/ B.Mus.-equivalent] and 2nd [MA/ M.Mus.-equivalent] degree studies)
    • specialization: Composition
    • specialization: Theory of Music
  • Sound Engineering (full-time, 1st [BA-equivalent] degree studies)


Students of the Faculty are taught a wide range of courses, among which are such specialization-related, core and general music education subjects as musical composition, 20th and 21st-century composing techniques, harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, aural training, musical composition analysis, history of music, Polish music, musical literature, history of music theory, contemporary analytical methods, computer and electro-acoustic music, jazz and popular music, history of philosophy, history of culture, aesthetics, psychology, music pedagogy, music advertising and marketing, criticism and lecturing, music engineering, sound engineering in film and television, musical edition and montage, sound illustration, solfeggio, acoustics and electro-acoustics, introduction to electronics, mathematics, digital sound making and processing, studio techniques. Specialist classes are taught in collaboration with the Pomorze and Kujawy Radio, Regional Television and the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall. The Sound Engineering programme is run under the auspices of the Polish Film Institute. An integral part of the pedagogical process at the Faculty is the organization of a number of events, such as composers’ concerts, symposiums, seminars and workshops, which are prepared and attended by not only the academic teachers of the Faculty but also those from other Polish and foreign academic centres.

Among the academic staff of the Faculty are nationally and internationally renowned composers, music theorists and sound engineering specialists who combine pedagogical work with artistic and academic activities. It is largely due to them that the artistic and academic profile of the Faculty is shaped by implementing the most effective methods and technical means of student training. Additionally, the Faculty offers its students membership in the Student Musical Art and Research Group.

Musical education thus propagated aims at inspiring and comprehensively developing a young composer, music theorist and sound engineer. Graduates in Composition are professionally prepared to start their individual artistic careers in the widely-understood area of musical composition. Music theorists are equipped to begin research activity, review work and feature writing or editing, pursue a teaching career or perform a broad scope of activities connected with the propagation of musical culture. Sound engineers are qualified to work with different audio and audiovisual forms in recording, radio, television and theatre studios, as well as for film-making groups or companies providing sound systems and amplification equipment for concerts and open-air events. Additionally, after completing the Music Pedagogy Programme, all graduates of the Faculty are entitled to teach at all levels of musical education.