Recording Studio and Media Library

The Recording Studio was established in 1980 on the initiative of Jerzy Dubrowiński as an interdepartmental organizational unit whose chief objective is to support the pedagogical process as well as the artistic and academic activities of the Academy. Its statutory task is to record the various artistic events and academic conferences which take place at the Academy. The studio prepares sound recordings for archival and educational purposes.

The Media Library boasts a collection of 7,000 items, including 3,000 CDs, Lps, VHS cassettes and DVDs. A fair portion of the recordings are those of some important events from the life of the Academy: concerts, opera performances, academic conferences, graduation recitals, etc. The Library’s resources are available to the students and teachers of the Academy only. There are two soundproof music listening stations and several classrooms are additionally eqippped with professional cassette, CD and DVD players, amplifiers and speakers.

The Recording Studio and Media Library are directly supervised by Prof. Maria Murawska, the Deputy Rector for Organization, Academic Matters and International Cooperation.
The staff:

  • Senior Specialist Ilona Ejsmont, MA
  • Senior Specialist Marek Wawrzyniak, MA