Early Music Programme

Coordinator: Urszula Bartkiewicz, professor ordinarius

The Programme was launched in 2006 for the first time and since then it has offered students training in historically-informed performance techniques in early music. The Programme is available to students and graduates of all Polish and foreign higher music education institutions. The Programme may last two to four semesters and on completing it the student receives a certificate.

The teaching staff:

  • Urszula Bartkiewicz, professor ordinarius – Harpsichord
  • Radosław Marzec, D.Mus.A., D.Litt., professor extraordinarius – Organ
  • Dorota Zimna, assistant lecturer – Basso Continuo Practice
  • Anton Birula, M.Mus. – Lute
  • Frank de Bruine, M.Mus.– Baroque Oboe
  • Irmgard Gwild-Schaller, M.Mus.– Baroque Violin, Baroque Viola
  • Markus Möllenbeck, M.Mus.– Baroque Cello
  • Michael Schmidt-Casdorff, M.Mus.– Transverse Flute
  • Tomasz Ślusarczyk, M.Mus. – Natural Trumpet
  • Rafał Gumiela, M.Mus. – Basso Continuo Practice
  • Zbigniew Koczorowski, MA – Historical Clothes, Musical Temperament