Foreign Language Courses

Coordinator: Jacek Lesiński, senior lecturer

Foreign language courses have been offered to all students of the Academy since 1st October 1987. Classes are taught in English, German, Italian, French and Russian. Where possible, students are put in groups representing their level of linguistic proficiency, still they must take a final examination at the end of the course at level B2 according to CEF. The language teachers are available if students or other teachers need language support. They also sit on committees for doctoral examinations in foreign languages.

The teaching staff:

  • Jacek Lesiński, senior lecturer — English
  • Joanna Wojciechowska, senior lecturer — Italian, French
  • Alicja Raczkowska, MA — German
  • Miłosława Grzelak, MA — English
  • Wanda Żytkiewicz-Gołaszewska, MA — Russian