Symphonic Orchestra

The Symphonic Orchestra of the Academy is composed of students of the Faculty of Instrumental Music who study to become orchestra musicians. The Orchestra’s composition depends on its current repertoire. The first performance of the Orchestra ever recorded in the Academy’s history took place on 27th May, 1976. The other concerts contributed to widening the Orchestra’s repertoire, including new symphonic, concert and oratorio-cantata pieces. The Orchestra’s artistic achievements include the concert marking the 15th Anniversary of Founding the Academy in the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall (3rd March 1990), the symphonic concert celebrating the 80th anniversary of Witold Lutosławski’s birth (17th March 1993), a concert of Feliks Nowowowiejski’s music (17th January 1996), concerts at the International Choir Festival Arti et Amicitiae (15th May 1994 and 15th April 1998), and concerts given at the Festivals for Music Competition Winners (26th November 2000, 27th November 2002). The Orchestra has practiced and performed under such conductors as Szymon Kawalla, Zbigniew Staniszewski, Andrzej Knap, Wojciech Czepiel, Jerzy Salwarowski, Zdzisław Szostak, Warcisław Kunc, Zygmunt Rychert and Jerzy Swoboda.