Competitions and festivals



The Academy has become the organizer and co-organizer of four major music festivals: the Festival for Music Competition Winners, the Jerzy Popiełuszko Festival for Young Organists and Vocalists, the Youth Opera Forum and the Bydgoszcz Jazz Academy. The significance of each of these festivals can be measured by how they are received by the audiences, the number of participants and their artistic level. For all those reasons all of the editions of each of the festivals have become important events in the artistic world and are closely observed by both the media and critics from other music centres.


The inclusion of competition organization into the Academy’s everyday life, together with its pedagogical and marketing possibilities, happened in mid 1980s. Although the origins and character of each of the competitions differ, their objectives remain the same – providing the most talented young artists with the opportunity of making an appearance in the musical world.

Currently, the Academy organizes and co-organizes the following competitions: the Ignacy Jan Paderewski International Piano Competition, the Ignacy Jan Paderewski International Composition Competition, the Marian Gordiejuk Composition Competition, the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Vocal Music Competition, and the Passion Song Competition.