Department for Student/Teaching Matters

Faculty of Instrumental Music


1st-cycle (bachelor) degree programme

Olga Smuk

Phone: +48 52 321 15 25


2nd-cycle (master) degree programme

Małgorzata Kempińska

Phone: +48 52 321 15 25


  • Student payments:

1. For national students (payments in Polish zlotys):
38 1240 3493 1111 0000 4279 1373

2. For foreign students (payments in euros):
IBAN PL32 1240 6478 1978 0010 5319 2966

Payments should be made with a description according to the following pattern:
First and last name as well as year and degree of study of the person whom the payment relates, name of principal-study programme and reason for payment.
John Music, 1st year , 1st-cycle degree, Instrumental Music, diploma fee.

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